About Crafters TV

Who Owns Crafters TV?

Anino Ogunjobi is the owner of Crafters TV.

Where is Crafters TV?

Crafters TV is online( on the web) and the URL is https://crafterstv.com/

What is Crafters TV?

Crafters TV is an entertainment channel without the buying and selling section. Entertainment on it includes; Audiobooks- bedtime stories, craft tales, craft games, comics, free inspirational sheets of board and card games, digital greeting cards, talkshow, interviews, animation, docuseries, and documentaries reflecting the different sectors in the creative community- fashion designing, hand-knitting, sewing, crocheting, cooking, textile designing, machine-knitting, photography, millinery, sugar crafting, digital art and many more.

Why Crafters TV?

Crafters TV is a place to relax and enjoy the creative community without the need for pressure sales and buying. Crafters TV does not focus on just one crafting or creative sector. It is also a place where creative entertainment is offered.

How did Crafters TV come about?

Crafters TV is born from the creative desire of wanting to do something with a craft or creative perspective without limitation.

Currently, we cannot tell you everything we are up to… We will just let things unfold. One thing I can say is that Crafters TV is launching a book soon.

Are there any crafting activities on Crafters TV?

Yes, there are crafting activities in videos that we decided to put in video series to enable crafters to build their skills and talents. Also, the crafting activities are not pertaining to a certain craft. There is machine knitting, cardmaking and many more to come.

Do Crafters TV have its own products?

Yes, Crafters TV does have its own product but these products are not sold on Crafters TV. Crafters TV’s products do have Anino AHudyBery on its product too so that you know the product.

Do Crafters TV have a Social Media Site?

Yes, Crafters TV is on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.