Cookie Cutters

This is a sharp plastic or metal object used for cutting doughs into shape for biscuits or cookies.

Cookie cutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the occasion being design for.

Cookie-cutter can also be used to cut sugar fondant.

Cookie Cutters

Types of Cookie Cutters

Plastic Cookie Cutters

These are made from food-safe plastic. They come in a variety of colours and shapes.

Plastic Cookie Cutter

Plunger Cookie Cutters

These have a normal cutter shape at one end and a plunger handles on the other end. Plunger cookie cutter does have details on them that can be embossed on the dough or sugarpaste when the handle of the plunger cookie cutter is pressed down.

Plunger Cookie Cutters with embossed details

Embossing Cookie Cutters

These cutters leave an impression on the dough when pressed on the dough. These cutters are known as 3D cookie cutters. When the cookie has been cooked, the embossed detail from the 3D cookie cutter on the cooked cookie can be used as a guide for piping icing on the baked cookie.

Embossing Cookie Cutter

Metal Cookie cutters

These are made from food-grade aluminium, stainless steel or copper. One end is sharp while the other end is blunt.

Metal Cookie Cutters

Uses of Cookie Cutter

Cookie-cutter can be used to make;

  • Fondant cut-out shapes
  • Make imprint on an iced cake for effective piping over the design made on the cake.
  • Shaped cookies
  • Cut out jellies
  • Make imprint on fondant covered cake for colouring.
  • Make a pattern on fondant covered cake
  • Cut-out shape from cake
  • Like a food ring which is filled with food or layered cakes
  • Shaped doughnut
  • Shaped Pasties
  • Imprint design on cookies
  • Cut out shape sandwiches.
  • Cut out mini or small cakes from a large cake.
  • and many more.